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The 2017 AIGA Los Angeles Awards Night


Recently, I have had the privilege to be invited to serve in AIGA Awards' Nomination Committee with 6 wonderful people, Toni Hollander-Morse, Erika Abrams, Kim Baer, Eduardo Braniff, Arturo Perez and Yo Santosa. After a series of inspiring and insightful meetings, we decided to award Mr. Errol Gerson, Mr. Wayne Hunt and Good Worldwide.

(Photo Credit: Susanica Tam)

(Photo Credit: Susanica Tam)

Tonight, in June 22, 2017, the award ceremony was held in Downtown Los Angeles. With the attendance of many great designers, artists, thinkers and educators, it became an unforgettable night for LA's creative community.

Michael Lejeune hosted the event and presented the award winners. Errol Gerson, Wayne Hunt and the executives of Good Worldwide all made inspiring speeches. But one sentence became the highlight of the night for me. Errol Gerson, who has taught to more than 6,000 students in the past 45 years, said, "Teaching is my way of healing the world."

Thank you Mr. Gerson, for aspiring and inspiring people for a better world.

Ozan Karakoc