Ozan Karakoc Design Studio

Museum of Humanity


"The Museum of Humanity (MOHLA) is a multi-disciplinary engagement platform that celebrates the greatest human endeavors across time. Its programs blend art, culture, science, history, and philosophy to inspire generations around the world and to foster a global conversation, drawing wisdom from the past and excitement for the future."

MOHLA's main goal is to 'build a vision for a future filled with hope and promise'.

But, what could create hope and promise?

In today's world, in which many communities are forced to deal with dictators, issues like global warming threatens the next generations, and the greatest visionaries of our time are planning on building colonies on different planets, what can give us hope about the future of our world? 


Our answer to that is ‘unity’.



No matter who we are, what we look like, or what we believe. When we come together, 'hope' arises. And when there is hope, we become one.




The new MOHLA logo also has additional, supporting meanings.

In many cultures, 'butterfly' represents 'hope'. Native Americans believe that the wish whispered to a butterfly will be granted when the butterfly flies up to the heavens.

... and the MOHLA emblem includes all the initials of 'Museum of Humanity'.



Once the logo is approved, we created a 12-page Brand Style Guide with logo lock-ups, color combinations, typography rules, size specifications, and examples of possible incorrect usage of the logo to stay away from.


To promote the museum and inform patrons and investors about its exciting potential, we also created a prestige brochure.

The challenge was to present a text-heavy content in a beautiful, visually appealing way. As MOHLA's physical spaces have not been open to public yet, we had to focus on the concept of the museum, and the data that proves its high potential and the brand's sophisticated characteristics.


We aimed to create a timeless logo that opens the door to endless possibilities in future communications of the MOHLA brand. With its new identity, we truly believe that this unique platform will soon become one of the most inspiring museums of our time, and it will help each individual realize his/her potential, and the incomparable power of unity.

Many thanks to MOHLA for this wonderful opportunity, and for giving people the hope to make the world a better place. Together.