Ozan Karakoc Design Studio

Besiktas Vodafone Park

Beşiktaş JK is the first officially registered sports club in Turkey and it is one of the 'three rivals', which are the most successful teams in the country's history of sports. With its over 20 million fans all over the world, Beşiktaş is one of Turkey's most valuable brands and civil society organizations.

In June 2013, Besiktas JK officially started the construction for its new stadium, Vodafone Park and finished it in April 2016. Built at the same location as the club's former home, BJK Inonu Stadium, Vodafone Arena became one of the most talked about architectural structures of all times in the country.

My involvement in this spectacular project started when the assigned curator of the stadium, Meray Akmut, contacted me to design giant posters on its walls. In 7 visual compositions, I aimed to represent the enthusiasm for football, historical values of the club and I also focused on motivating the players who were right in the middle of an incredibly exciting competition for championship in Turkish Super Lig (which they won at the end!).