Ozan Karakoc Design Studio, Inc. / Los Angeles

Commercial Fire Protection Rebranding

Assisting a challenger brand to stand up and stand out.

What makes you unique? 

CFP is a company that installs, maintains, and inspects fire-safety related equipment. Thanks to its proprietary technology and always on-call, solution-oriented staff, the firm manages all fire-safety instruments on behalf of property managers. While CFP grew significantly since its inception, the firm was struggling to communicate what made it different and better. And that’s where we came in.

Embarking on a journey

To be able to convey CFP’s onliness, first, we needed a process that required a high-level of involvement and open dialogue. So we positioned the strategy process as a journey. A journey, on which all the key stakeholders of CFP embarked to plan their future. By using the Appreciative Inquiry methodology, we focused on what needed to be appreciated instead of what needed to be fixed. Through interviews, collectively we dreamed what CFP might become. And we conducted workshops to determine what this firm should and will become. We used the strategy process to discover the purpose, the values, and the story of CFP. 

Letting the story of CFP talk

We found out that, in the rather faceless, mechanic and archaic fire-safety industry, CFP is the only company with a heartbeat. True to the David vs. Goliath narrative, CFP fights against industry giants by using its ability to nurture a human touch and build real long-term connections as a shield to protect its clients. Thanks to its authentic personality, passionate dedication to the customer, can-do spirit, and progressive mindset, CFP proves that it is a different breed. A much different one!

Time to stand out

Having answered fundamental questions such as; “Who is CFP, whom does it serve, what does it offer, how is it different, and why does it exist?” we moved into the next phase of the project, designing the new brand identity of the CFP.

An innovative brand is the one that refreshes itself all the time. It reveals new services, improves the work environment and changes the way it looks when needed. As a truly innovative brand, CFP needed to refresh its 20-year old visual identity. 

Meaning. Aesthetics. Endurance. 

Upon agreeing on the design brief, we kicked off the design process. For the logo, we examined dozens of alternatives before focusing on a final choice. Inspired by the idea of shield, which is the archetypal role that the brand plays, we revised the existing logo, making it look more modern, professional, and self-confident. We then brought the new logo to life by applying it to various media.

Digital storytelling

Finally, we expressed authentic identity of the brand in the digital world. We created a website, which captured the essence, values, and the promise of the brand. The approachable aura it conveyed helped CFP differentiate from the competition. We created an intranet portal and called it the CFP Academy. We mapped out the content, built the infrastructure, and designed the interface of the new intranet, Finally, we created a two-minute animation that told the story of the brand, which also conveyed its unique promise and personality. 

Ready. Aim. Launch!

We used the strategy process to help CFP to remember who it is, whom it serves, what it does, how its unique and why it exists. And the design allowed CFP to bring its strategy to life through visual storytelling. Now it was time to launch the new brand identity. We piggybacked on the firm’s annual dinner to create a buzz. By walking the employees through the entire process, we conveyed the message that, “A brand more than a logo.” And by sharing the story of CFP, we individually vitalized and collectively galvanized the employees. 

A brand with an authentic raison d’être. An appreciative, strategic approach. A design process that dwelled in possibilities. All to help a challenger brand to stand out and stand up!